Parking Jackass of the Day, Perhaps the Millennium?


This is the best photo I could get of this insane parking job in the strip mall at Glendale and Fletcher, so allow me to explain exactly what you’re looking at. To begin, it’s bad enough that the black SUV in the front is parked over the striped area indicating the end of the parking row and is jutting out into the traffic lane on the left side of the photo. What’s worse, however, is that the genius in the silver compact somehow deduced that there was a corresponding spot behind the SUV that was completely in the traffic lane. The lesson here? They paint lines on the ground for a reason, and if there’s a steady stream of cars backed up behind your parked car angrily honking away, you just parked in the middle of the road.

10 thoughts on “Parking Jackass of the Day, Perhaps the Millennium?”

  1. Well this tard is still my favorite, but definitely this offender takes parking tardness to a whole new dimension. And I’m totally familiar with that strip mall as Tony’s Barber shop in the background there is where I go to get me lox shorn.

  2. Hold it. Lemme understand. The Jeep thingy parked illegally then the silver turd does it too only more tardlike and completely is in the driving aisle.

    Dude you found parking tard mecca.

  3. Will said lox instead of locks and the commenters ran with it, but not enough to hijack the post. Personally I think I’ll call it hairy salmon too

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