Snowing in LA?

its SNOWING in LA!

Can anyone confirm or deny this? I know Ryan is a westsider, but there’s no sign of snow here in Silver Lake (in fact it’s bright and sunny). That doesn’t mean anything about west side weather though. Anyone??

7 thoughts on “Snowing in LA?”

  1. In the SGV it is a cool 60 with dark clouds against the mountains. We are getting waves of light sprinkles. Definitely too warm for snow and no signs of it even up against the mountains.

    Wishful thinking maybe?

  2. I think what he must have meant was, there was a whiteout due to high winds blowing sand off the beach. In Santa Monica near the beach, it was a blizzard of light brown. Of course, he may have been discussing other recreational activities ….

  3. probably meant snowing in Louisiana (LA). NEW ORLEANS got snow yesterday.

    That or their coke dealer just arrived.

  4. Maybe he was at the 3rd Street Promenade in Santa Monica–they had snow there over the weekend for kids.

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