Win Tix to The Aquabats, Suburban Legends, Dusty Rhodes & more Friday @ the Fonda

I love when bands perform in costume. To me, it makes it clear: they’re there to entertain you, not to exorcise their own creative demons or live out their high art. And I appreciate that. Not to say a lot of great performances don’t come from people who make music for themselves and no one else, but I often find the most entertaining shows come from people who do it for the kids. And I can’t think of anything that could motivate a band to don a goofball costume for fourteen years more than The Kids.

This show will rock, and not only because of the Aquabats. You’ll also get to rawk out with your ‘hawk out to Suburban Legends, Dusty Rhodes and the River Band, and DJ Lance.

To win tix, you must either provide a link, in the comments, to yourself wearing a silly costume, like this, or to a suitably silly stand-in, like this. A few random winners will be chosen to go party at the Fonda this Friday. Costume optional. But if you ask me, it’s highly encouraged.

7 thoughts on “Win Tix to The Aquabats, Suburban Legends, Dusty Rhodes & more Friday @ the Fonda”

  1. Dude! The Aquabats and DJ Lance Rock? JF(#JRMDJRK#R.

    Harumph. There’s a surprising lack of documentation of recent ridiculous outfitage. Will you settle for old, but cute? My dad made the entire costume, and for the record, that’s a real human leg bone.

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