Meet “Queen Skittles” new queen of the Doo Dah Parade

Here we go, and could well be a first.  Absent a lot of research Queen Skittles aka Julie Klima, an OC native no less has been crowned the new “32nd Queen of the Occasional Doo Dah Parade”.  You know, that sorta regular random irreverent parade they have over in Pasadena.

Queen Skittles is actually quite an accomplished photographer and you can see her work over at her own web site.  My personal favorites are those found in the “still” folder on her site.  Julie is a grad of the Art Center College of Design in good old Pas and now resides in Glendale.   

To get more insight into Queen Skittles I posed her *5 Questions to which she indulged me with answers that you can read after the leap.

1.DooDah Queen – why that as opposed to the Rose Queen or Snow White in Disney on Parade?

“Unconventional. Unorganized. Semi-untraditional. The Doo Dah paradeis an amalgamation of every aspect I enjoy about American culture.  Celebrating each person’s uniqueness with no consequences or social pressures is the Doo Dah way! I hope over this next year to INFECT the rest of Los Angeles with the ideals of Doo Dahness–and then onto other cities, such as San Francisco!”

2. “Queen  Skittles” why that candy instead of “Queen JuJuBe” or “Queen Starburst:”?

“My hair has been multicolored for the past couple of years and everyone I meet tends to give me a new nickname relating to my hair.  I’ve gotten it all – from Rainbow Brite to Snow Cone to Peacock. While I was working as a still photographer on an small independent feature film, the sound guy started calling me Skittles. Spending every day with the cast and crew, the name Skittles caught on and that’s been my main nickname ever since. A couple of years later my friends hosted a Beer Olympics event and I happened to be on the Rock Band team. Our band isX-Caliber and naturally my rock name became Skittles (I play the tambourine and the cow bell!). And here are the photos to prove it!”.

3. The Queens Court – besides Miss Havisham who else will you include and why.

“The Royal Court includes my King I appointed – Kristina King – and of course many princes and princesses. Kristina is not only my partner ( but is also a constant inspiration as my muse. I’m in a Craft Club one of my girlfriends started and all those girls will be princesses–Ana Serrano, Cassie Marquez, Sara Escamilla, Jo Ann Kimm, & Jeaneen Carlino. My other crazy and creative princesses will be Tiphanie Grace (who is also my hairstylist!), Colette Brandenberg (who was my assistant at the Queen Tryouts), Heather Hoxsey, and Sagi Gal. I have a couple of Princes too, one of which is Dino Rasmussen (he’s also one of my muses). I’ll even have a couple of young prince and princesses who are 1 1/2 and 3 years old! I’ll be putting up the official list on my blog soon” .

4. LA or OC which has a better theme park? -‘splain yourself.
“Six Flags. I’ve always loved the LA theme park more because roller coasters make my heart jump for joy!”

5. Digital or Silver?

“Silver. For sure. Digital is rambunctious but film is sexy & luscious. My friends and I debate over this subject frequently. A good friend of mine is a technology junkie as well as a fine artist so he prefers whatever format gives the best results for the least amount of effort. I, on the other hand, focus on photography in particular and fell in love with the medium through film. Digital has certain qualities I like depending on the project or look I’m going for. Film, however, has a different feel and depth and LIFE to it that digital doesn’t. I know I’m romanticizing film. I’m not using photography as a tool to create art; I’m using it to create art BECAUSE its photography. I think that difference makes the artist or viewer more partial to digital or film. Adorama (a camera store in New York) addressed the subject and I also agree with their article.”.

* 5 Questions has been given to me by Aaron Proctor to use here when he left for Philly.

Photo from the Julie Klima site used with her permission.


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  1. Great interview – you have done quite well with your first “5 Questions”, young grasshopper.

    Didn’t know Miss Havisham was in her court? That’s awesome. if you don’t know who I’m talking about. She’s cool even though she doesn’t return my phone calls.

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