LA Metblogs is searching for great new writers!

Admit it. You’ve all been secretly seething with desire to become a glamorous, fashionable and super-sexy Metblogs author.

Ok, well maybe not seething. Maybe just oozing. But if it does appeal to you, I’m now opening up a pool for potential metblogs writers (oozing not required). You can submit yourself for consideration. If you’ve had a favorite person you’d like to see on our author roll, now’s the time to ask them (or ask yourself) if they’d/you’d be willing to:

1. Blog for us in the first place.
2. Make at least four posts a week, you slacker.
3. Contribute to the forums and show up to events; in other words, be active in our little author’s community.

I’m looking for people who have a proven record of being able to make quality posts on a regular basis, & have been doing so for long enough to demonstrate some stick-to-it-iveness. Also people who have strong, concise, articulate voices and who can bring new & interesting ideas to the table.

You can’t “nominate” anyone; applicants must submit themselves.

Interested parties should ping me at lucindamichele (at) gmail (dawt) com with [metblogs] in the subject line.

Send me a little info about yourself,
show me a blog or other publication you’ve been writing for (if you don’t have one, I need writing samples; no attachments, please),
and tell me why you wanna write for Metblogs.

Submissions will be closed December 20.

No decisions will be made until after the holidays.

We’re all really looking forward to seeing our potential new contributors!

16 thoughts on “LA Metblogs is searching for great new writers!”

  1. I had to laugh “super-sexy”…hardly fits me. You forgot the biggest perk to being here – great adventures courtesy access to press passes, media passes or whatever you want. Those adventures make for interesting stuff here and in ones own bucket-o-adventures, or at least a resume.

  2. Fraz, you are the sexiest of them all.

    I should make it clear that press passes and special access isn’t handed to authors the second they’re on board. In fact, I have very little to “hand out.” Most of those things come from the blogger’s own hard work–like yours, in accessing the press passes for the LA Auto Show, etc. How’d you get those, by the way?

  3. Quite true, writing here MAKES it possible to get legitimate press passes and we do have to go after them ourselves. Metblogs is the key we still have to kick that door open ourselves once unlocked and go for it.

    The LA Autoshow on its site has an application for press passes, after that I pester people. Sometimes they fall into my lap because of something I wrote.

  4. Would you be open to the viewpoints of an expatriated Angeleno in L.A.’s most far-flung suburb: Las Vegas? We tried to get a MetBlogging Vegas going but there only two takers.

  5. Teck,
    the forum is a special authors-only place where we keep in touch about our projects & the blog.

    Sorry kids, this is strictly for the love and the groupies. Do not apply if you’re hoping to get paid. I’m sorry. But a nifty little blog like this pretty much generates just enough income for Bonner & Crew to keep it running.

    *I* do this because I am passionate about the city and because I love to communicate using this format–not because I’m hoping to get paid. You should probably feel the same way; or else you’re just setting yourself up for disappointment.

  6. Bromike: YES! In fact, if you PROMISE to do that, I’ll figure out some sort of awesome prize. You have to do it for six months straight though.

  7. Did Panasonic Youth send in a self-nomination? I’ll second that. I have conflicted emotions on Prop 8 (sue me) but I appreciate and admire the stand he took and, hell, he isn’t a bad writer either.

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