Awesome? Or Abominable? My Neighbors Christmas Decorations….

Either way… I’m lovin’ the festive spirit of the neighbors on my street.  Imagine all the characters moving… which is a little weird… (hence the blurry photo).

Every year there are more and more lights adorning everyone’s houses on my street, leading me to believe that there is a heated competition I’m not privy to.  It’s even inspired me to put up a paltry string of blue lights, which I’m quite proud of!  I’m usually pretty pathetic around Christmas festivities… but all the Sturm and Drang of this year is getting me in an especially perky holiday mood.

4 thoughts on “Awesome? Or Abominable? My Neighbors Christmas Decorations….”

  1. Nice. My favorite place still is Upper Hasting Ranch to see the lights and stuff. Since the ’60’s I’ve been told the streets are themed. Huge cut outs from plywood fitting the theme are in every yard with tons of lights to finish them off. The traffic jams are horrendous so be prepared.

  2. I’ve found that having kids as definitely altered my perceptions of “tacky”. Yes, I would never do that to my house, but when driving around, that’s the sort of place that just awes my kids.

  3. yeah, it’s funny. I dread the holidays and then when they roll around, I’m happy to see all the lights and dress up a bit for parties. I love that people actually make such an effort to give a bit of joy to others with lights and silly blow up characters. It has inspired me to walk around my neighborhood at night just to view the fun!

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