We get seasonal compression…fall color arrives later around here

It took me something like 20 years to figure it out, but with our looooonnnngggg summer season we wind up compressing the fall and winter seasons to a few weeks.  While the rest of the country is getting ready for their first sleet and snow storms we finally get our fall color.   

I shot this on my way to the river yesterday (it was dry – again) in Duarte along Royal Oak Drive.  Where is your favorite spot to find some fall color around here?

This image was shot 3 frames bracketed with photomatix generating the HDR file as well as doing the tone-mapping.  The final image was post processed in Virtual Photographer to replicate the over saturated colors found on the old ‘chromes printed on cibachrome print material

3 thoughts on “We get seasonal compression…fall color arrives later around here”

  1. Is it just me, or does an opening “Um” cast a condescending tone over whatever may follow it in a comment?

    Now, while I understand the difference between deciduous and evergreen trees in theory, admittedly I would be hard pressed to categorize particular trees as one or the other. Botany was never my long suit. What I do recognize is that’s a gorgeous photo. And, thanks for including the processing info. It is of great interest to budding photogeeks like me. (Heh. See what I did there with the botany/budding pun? Oh, I crack me up.)

  2. Yes, I know the difference MA, our deciduous trees transform much later than the rest of the country, maybe because we are further south and it takes a bit long for the days to get short enough to trigger the change? That comment was really just mean, something I hardly expected out of you one who usually disagrees with a certain amount of respect.

    Burns! you always crack me up.

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