LAUSD to Teachers: Happy Holidays and a kick in the nuts.

Yup, LAUSD is doing it to the teachers again.  Budget cuts, threats of teacher lay offs, state funding dilemmas the works all falling on their backs.  LAUSD Teachers are busting their butts for our kids and the district rather than find ways to keep the teachers we have is recruiting out-of-state.  

Our own Spencer Cross already named LAUSD Supt Brewer as a Grinch of the Year, but this tidbit fell through the cracks.  Nice job Brewer, what else are you going to toss at the teachers?  I do believe Spencer was onto more than he gave in the nomination.

Hat tip to Aaron Proctor of the Philly Metblogs for sharing that Craig’s list recruiting item.  Just in case the post mysteriously disappears from Craig’s List, I have a pdf available on request of the page.  Dawgs.

3 thoughts on “LAUSD to Teachers: Happy Holidays and a kick in the nuts.”

  1. Typical California elitism here.

    LAUSD: “Let’s fire teachers and recruit back east. People get paid less back east and so we can lowball them. Besides, they’ll gladly take a pay cut to work in the 24/7 sunshine instead of the 9 degrees below zero weather they’re experiencing now. How many famous people live in Trenton, NJ? I thought so. East Coasters are SOOOOO not as hella smart as we are!”

  2. Strange. We can afford to shell out millions for new schools to be constructed, but we can’t afford to pay any teachers what they’re actually worth?

  3. The sad thing Jason is that school building is usually paid for by the community directly through school bonds. The teachers are a district issue. It truly bothers me that good people are living with the very real threat of loss of employment instead of being relocated to a school that needs a teacher.
    AP may be onto something regarding it being “cheap” labor sought for the district, but I suspect its more than that.

    I wonder where the teachers union is with this?

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