Beer Ye! Beer Ye!

This just can’t be right: Was I seriously 16 months less old when Hot Knives’ Alex Brown and Evan George staged their inaugural LA Grand Crew Beer Ride? Maybe it seems like it couldn’t have been two summers ago because it was so epically epic and awesomely unique biking between strategic beer buys (such as the landmark Galco’s, pictured at right) that began in Highland Park and ended all the way out to the 405 Freeway near Pico before heading back to Hot Knives’ HQ in Echo Park for an informal 99-bottle beer tasting — with homemade snacks! — at sunset with so many fun-loving hops-heads.

Just thinking about that wonderful day is enough to get me suitably weepy for a sequel, so gawd bless Evan for dropping a teaser in my inbox that No. 2 is being incubated and to stay tuned. Then on Sunday he and Alex announced that Grand Crew II is gonna be even better than the first time and happen Saturday, December 20.

Details are here on the Hot Knives blog, and my pix are on Flickr from the 2007 beer ride.

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