Actor Beverly Garland dies at 82

She was a classy lady who happened to be pretty good at comedy.  I kinda remember her in “My Three Sons” when she was introduced as the new Mom when that series jumped the shark and tried to pick up a few extra series.

I met her a couple of times during the years we lived in Valley Village.  First quite by accident at the Beverly Garland Hotel in North Hollywood when we are planning our wedding.  The manager wasn’t available at our appointment time for a tour so she stepped in gave us a tour of the facility.  It turned to be out of our price range (my father-in-law would joke his name was accidentally changed to O’sullivan when his parents entered the country from O’Solomon but its something for another time).    

Beverly Garland was a frequent shopper at the Mainly Seconds store on Magnolia in North Hollywood when we lived there as well.  I remember bumping into her a few times when my oldest was still a babe in the stroller.  Kind and sweet to her, even squatted down to her in the stroller and cooed and chatted with her.  Nice lady.  A class act. has a nice obit.  Beverly Garland served as Honorary Mayor of North Hollywood and served on many LA Convention and Tourism boards.

RIP nice lady.  Thanks for the laughs too.

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  1. Oh man. The Beverly Garland Holiday Inn in Studio City has been my hotel of choice when I’ve had to travel back to L.A. When I lived in Glendale and we had two-three day shoots in the Valley I always stayed at the Garland. She was a friend of a friend and she ran a classy hotel and then, of course, who (of a certain generation) can forget Fred MacMurray and “My Three Sons”?

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