UC Irvine/Beall Center’s Constant World

This is the final weekend for Constant World, the multimedia exhibit at the campus’ Beall Center for Art + Technology gallery by artist husband-and-wife team Jennifer and Kevin McCoy.

Combining sculpture, cinema and technology, the couple constructs intricate dioramas monitored by small spy cameras that project scenes onto screens on surrounding walls. The McCoys explore their personal histories as well as cultural and social myths, some idyllic, others gone bizarrely awry– such as Big Box, which imagines the ubiquitous “big box” strip malls in ruins and overrun by zombies.

Constant World is the name of the largest work in the exhibit, which was commissioned by the British Film Institute and deconstructs their dioramas into small inverted pedestals dangling from chandelier-like structures hovering several feet above the gallery floor, like mutant metal beasts clutching their prey.

Constant World, UC Irvine’s Beall Center, at Claire Trevor School of Fine Arts, UC/Irvine CA 92697. Ends Sunday, Dec. 7th.

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