7 thoughts on “No that wasn’t a big truck driving by…”

  1. Was in the middle of ‘Spring Awakening’ at the Ahmanson – no-one felt it that i can tell. Wasn’t aware that it happened.

  2. Me! We twittered it pretty much simultaneously. It wasn’t very strong but lasted longer than most of the quakes I’ve felt. My husband was standing and barely felt it, while I was sitting with my feet up on the coffee table – and that’s where I felt it the most.

  3. Didn’t feel a thing, but then again we were noisy and busy running around finishing storing stuff in the Garage. USGS says it was likely an aftershock to the 99 Hector Mine quake, and back then they said the aftershock sequence would continue at least 10 years. They were right, now if they can get timing down for a warning.

  4. I was reading in bed and didn’t feel anything, but my wife felt it sitting at our computer. I sheepishly told her she wasn’t crazy when I heard about it on Saturday morning.

  5. I was at the movies (the incredible Slumdog Millionaire). I felt a brief slow roll/sway and many in the audience kind of looked around to confirm that others had felt it too.

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