Win Tix to Sisters of Mercy and Hypernova at the Fonda tomorrow!!!

Goth talk.
Goth talk.

It’s taking every last bit of restraint to keep myself from bubbling over with jubilant enthusiasm about this show, but luckily my dark, tortured ennui has triumphed and I’m suitably gloomy. If you’re just as consumed by your own strangely danceable suffering, boy are you in luck! You can win tickets to the show by telling me when you first heard the Sisters, and what you loved about them all those years ago.

They play tomorrow at the Fonda in Hollywood with Iranian rockers Hypernova, who, at first listen, sound like a quality blur between Joy Division and the Strokes. Thumbs up. You can buy tickets here if you’re just too morose on the dancefloor to take your chances at winning.

7 thoughts on “Win Tix to Sisters of Mercy and Hypernova at the Fonda tomorrow!!!”

  1. Lucinda,

    I first heard the Sisters many, many moons ago. It was just about when “First Last and Always” came out. (85?) The “Temple of Love” 12″ was in heavy rotation at my local dance club. I’ve been the uber fan since then, weathering lineup changes, no new albums, etc…

    I’d love to go see Mr. Eldritch and crew non-gratis!!! :)

  2. I first hear the Sisters in 1987 on a compilation tape my best friend gave me, and I was hooked. I own every CD they’ve put out, along with some bootlegs. I’ve been to about 20 Sisters concerts, remember Andrew Eldrich walking around in the audience at one of the Lollapaloozas in the early 90s, possibly the first one. I still have my original black leather motorcycle jacket with the Merciful Release star that I hand painted on it two decades ago. Lastly and sadly I am too poor to afford tickets this time around, or I would have been at both the Hous of Blues show on Sunday, and tomorrows show as well.

  3. Read about them in ID back in 82 or 83? Had a bootleg tape not too long after. Saw them at the Kabuki in SF on the First Last and Always tour in 1985. I’ve seen them in SF, NYC, Phily and in 1990 three nights in a row here in SoCal. As much as I love what they did I’ll pass on winning tickets because the Phily show in 1999 and the show at The House of Blues a few years ago were painfully bad. All good things must come to an end.

  4. @overkill – I still have my leather w/ the same design + “Rise and Reverberate” on the back. Sadly it’s a little tight in the waist these days.

    I hope you get the tickets!

  5. Good times…I was in junior high at the time. I was rummaging through my older sisters room. I found a tape. I put it in and heard magic. It was the Sisters of Mercy. However, I was convinced nobody else has ever heard this music before. I would mention it to my friends or play it for the, they didn’t get it. I would take it to camp and make every girl in my cabinet listen to it. It wasn’t until I entered high school that I found others who not only have heard this band but also enjoyed it they way I did. I held on to that tape till about my 20’s when CD’s became popular and now MP3’s, I still make everyone around me listen to them. I would like to go to a concert where everyone around me can here them and enjoy them, just like me. The End.

  6. How was this show? I’m sorry I missed this. Did Eldritch do any of the older stuff like Anaconda or Gimme Shelter? Those I’d want to hear. And I find it kind of odd that the stories of people that he’s allegedly screwed over or alienated over the years leaves a very bad taste in my mouth, but I still wanted to go to this show.

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