Premature Decoration Is A Crime

This has to stop. I know we’re in the middle of a Depression an economic downtown, and you’re just looking for something to make you feel better. To make you feel happy again. To forget all about 2008. You’re looking forward to Christmas. Yeah, I dig that.

But, this does not excuse breaking the rules.

I can forgive the early shopping. I can even let slide the early light displays all over town. What I cannot forgive, is you buying a Christmas tree on November 30.

I’m talking about you, Mr. Mercedes SUV, rolling through NoHo at 12:34PM on Thanksgiving Sunday. Sure, the 7ft. Douglas Fir tied to your roof may look great tonight. But, your tree will be dead before it counts.

Nobody likes a dead tree on Christmas. Nobody.

8 thoughts on “Premature Decoration Is A Crime”

  1. With a Santa Ana or two it will be kindling by 12/15. By 12/16 we should see it in the news as a giant torch. Karma does that when you screw around killing innocent trees.

  2. It’s always been a tradition in my family to decorate for Christmas right after Thanksgiving for maximum holiday-ness. Don’t diss the tradition. Let people be.

  3. Yeah… anytime after Thanksgiving is acceptable. It’s the neighbors who had Xmas lighting up by election day that irk me.

  4. To me there’s two different time frames that go with decorating a house for Christmas and doing up a tree. Getting the outside lights and stuff up around now is standard procedure (in fact I was early this year getting that done this past weekend), but for me the tree thing doesn’t happen until a couple weeks into December.

  5. Maybe it depends on where you’re from. Where I grew up, putting up a Christmas tree the day after Thanksgiving was pretty standard (as is taking it down on New Year’s Day).

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