Win In Flames, All That Remains & Gojira tickets–11/22

Hooray for Swedish death metal! Swedish death metal saved my life. Swedish death metal made me a sandwich. Swedish death metal loves you long time. Swedish death metal did too much blow in the 70s. Swedish death metal likes mac’n’cheese. Swedish death metal your mom. Actually, I just like saying “Swedish death metal.”

Seminal (heh) “melodic death metal” pioneers In Flames play at the Club Nokia this Saturday and you can win tickets. Just enter what you think is the funniest death metal band name you can think of, and we’ll select some winners with the funniest entries!

If you’d rather buy your tickets and not think up funny names, go here.

7 thoughts on “Win In Flames, All That Remains & Gojira tickets–11/22”

  1. “Immortal Flaming Black Anus of Eternal Doom” or IFB of ED for those in “the know.”

    I’m pretty sure I’ve got all the key “Swedish Death Metal” name words covered in this one.

  2. Mongoloid Gnome

    Accidental Decapitation Through Masturbation

    Tony Danza Tap Dance Extravaganza

    The Revolting Cocks

  3. Has anyone seen the cartoon network show “Metalocalypse”?
    Well, thats what comes to mind when I see these guys.

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