Win Tickets to Kaiju Big Battel, aka The Greatest Thing EVER

This Thursday, the world lies in the balance. The conflict? Kaiju Big Battel. This is the weirdest and most HAWESOME thing to happen at the El Rey since the drummer from the Dismemberment Plan gave my friend Spork & I free tickets to their show in 2001.

Ok, it’s cooler than that because YOU can get tickets. But what, you ask, is Kaiju Big Battel?

It’s a combination of the crowd-screaming-and-laughing-for-blood-o-rama that is Mexican Wrestling PLUS the unintentional hilarity and camp factor of Japanese monster flicks–think Godzilla in the ring with Mothra, egging on a hysterical crowd, executing an EPIC throwdown!  Kaiju Big Battel has about 30 different monsters, each with hilarious, non-sequitur backstories, that compete in the ring like gladiators.

Not to mention the musical acts that go along with the monster parade: Busdriver contributes brilliant flow and the sexy ladies of Rocktapussy deliver their dancey electro in order to keep the ring of combat bumpin’.

See what Kaiju Big Battel is like here, in all its inspired & bizarro glory.

To win tickets, read the backstories of the Kaiju Big Battel monsters here. Now, make up your own monster with its own special origin story! Tell me the story in the comments and we’ll choose some very lucky winners to go to this show.

4 thoughts on “Win Tickets to Kaiju Big Battel, aka The Greatest Thing EVER”

  1. The Trojan Bear

    Birthed from the ashes of a radioactive meteor that landed at a USC-UCLA football game.

    His special attack is is a mouth projectile stream from indigestion due to bacon wrapped hot dogs.

  2. I *must* attend Kaiju Big Battel! As it happens, I was present for the incident that created…


    Sumo referee given a robotic body after a terrible accident. (Photo from moments before being crushed by two sumos here:

    Although his robotic body is giant and fearsome, an error occurred while installing his voice chip making him speak with an accent similar to that of the Lucky Charms leprechaun. This causes him to be universally shunned by The Heroes, Dr. Cube’s Posse, and even Team Space Bug. ReferRobo joins The Rogues, who tolerate his presence, but mock him incessantly for his hilarious/tragic speech impediment.

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