Gay marriage proponents boycotting El Coyote Cafe

November 10, 2008 at 9:55 pm in Social issues

Pic by Amy Lemur used under Creative Commons

Pic by Amy Lemur used under Creative Commons

Some gay marriage supporters are calling for a boycott of El Coyote Cafe after learning that manager, and reportedly partial owner Marjorie Christoffersen donated $100 to Proposition 8 group

Flickr user Jeff Johnson writes that he talked with Marjorie at El Coyote this evening and asked her about the situation. She told him, “I love you guys, I would never do anything to hurt you, I wish I hadn’t done it”.

According to Jeff, Marjorie is having an open breakfast at 11:00 AM on Wed, Nov 12 to speak to the community.

My friend James, who tipped me off to this, added:

The only thing that will get them out of this is a huge public apology and a shitload of money for Repeal Prop. 8.

I guess the message is: Don’t fuck with the gays. They’ll trash your hair, your clothes, your interiors…and then they’ll close down your restaurant!

My question is this: is it worth boycotting what has been known as a gay friendly restaurant over a donation made and view held by one person, affecting the paychecks of dozens of other employees? Is this an effective way to rally people to your side?

Fightin’ Mad Mary, and Micah at Shut up! I know!, have joined the boycott, and Eater LA has chimed in on the issue.

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