Metblogs friends busted at Prop 8 protest

November 6, 2008 at 6:16 pm in News, Politics, Twitter

This photo taken by Rick Loomis for the LA Times shows @panasonicyouth and @formerme being detained, presumably by the LAPD. Frequent readers will recognize both from regular comments. Both were attending the Prop 8 protest in Westwood and were live-twittering along the way. They went silent a few hours ago and then this photo went up. I don’t have any more info at the moment, but as soon as I do I’ll update this post. Anyone with any more details or info please post in the comments.

UPDATES: From friends on twitter… @whatevernvrmind says he’s on the phone with authorities and they were both arrested and being transferred to Pacific Station. @Japhy79 says there’s rumors of protester(s) being beaten up by a truckdriver which may explain the last tweet by @panasonicyouth, or maybe not. More when I hear it…

pacific station. arrested. ...

UPDATE : Unconfirmed news that they are being held on misdemeanor battery charges with $20K bail set, scheduled to see a judge in the morning. FOX news also posted an article about this with another pick of Mark aka panasonicyouth.

UPDATE 4: Here’s some video, arrest takes place right around 2:40. You can’t see what gets the police’s attention but you can see Mark and Rich walking away and police following, and then pushing Mark to the ground very aggressively. Crowds gathered quickly, unfortunately there’s no audio.

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UPDATE 5: The guys have been bailed out and according to Panasonicyouth’s twitter stream they were originally picked up and charged with “unruly behavior” but sometime after the arrest that turned into “battery on an officer.” Mark said he also got he camera back and has photos of the “yes on 8″ truck driver who punched a “no on 8″ protester in the face, the truck driver was not arrested.

UPDATE 6: Just talked to Mark, he’ll be posting updates on his blog shortly!

UPDATE 7: Mark’s post is online now.

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