California GOP Opens Mouth, Inserts Ass

The Washington Post reports that The California GOP has filed a complaint with the Federal Election Commission regarding Barack Obama’s trip to visit his dying grandmother. As you know, it was also announced today that Obama’s grandmother has passed away.

The Republicans argued that, because Obama did not campaign during the quick journey to Hawaii, it should not have been a campaign expense.

That sound you just heard was probably your lunch, making its return trip.

5 thoughts on “California GOP Opens Mouth, Inserts Ass”

  1. Okay, I guess I’m an a**hole, but I don’t think it should have been recorded as a campaign expense either. That said, making a federal case of the issue (literally) is admittedly politically retarded.

  2. I’m with Travis, it isn’t a campaign expense, but then again if he shakes a few hands, passes out a couple of buttons I’d let it slide.

  3. No shock that I’m an a-hole: it’s NOT a campaign expense.

    It’s an unfortunate and sad part of life, but try writing off YOUR grandmother’s funeral trip on your work expense sheet and let me know how that turns out.

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