Axes now falling at the Times – layoffs underway*

October 27, 2008 at 9:39 am in Announcements, Media

UPDATED BELOW: Looks like the L.A. Times has begun laying off more journalists, as we mentioned it would a few weeks ago.

Blogger Veronique deTurenne Twittered, posted at her HereinMalibu blog at LAObserved, and then just now posted something at the Times blog. In the event the editorial higher-ups yank the post later today in a fit of revisionism, the text follows the jump here.

I just found out I’m among the newest round of layoffs here at the L.A. Times and I wanted to say goodbye.

When I started this blog last February, we were ranked 8-millionth in the vast Wild West that is the blogosphere. Today, we’re in the top 5,000. We get tens of thousands of hits a day, scores of comments, and get to share what we know about Southern California with the rest of the world. It was hard work and great fun and I loved every minute of it.

Here’s a photo of the Sunday sunrise in Malibu, the day Tony Hillerman, one of my journalism teachers passed away. The sorrow of that loss blends into the grief of this one. I’ll miss him, and all of you, very much.

–Veronique de Turenne

Still waiting for Kevin Roderick to post all the layoff news that’s doubtless pouring into his inbox, but take a good look at that paper, folks. It’s just going to keep getting smaller until it winks out of existence entirely, taking a good chunk of L.A.’s formal journalism and investigative reporting with it.

Yep, like clockwork, here it is: Roderick’s post containing yet another bloodless editorial notice about noticeable editorial bloodletting:

From: Stanton, Russ
To: yyeditall
Sent: Mon Oct 27 08:31:50 2008
Subject: Newsroom job cuts


The growing economic downturn is forcing us to undergo another round of job reductions and cost cuts. I deeply regret to report that today, 75 of our friends, colleagues and capable staff members in Editorial will be told that they are losing their jobs. This is about 10% of our total staff and these cuts are comparable in scale to those made on the business side of The Times last week.

The severance terms being offered to our colleagues are similar to those offered in the other reductions we’ve faced this year.

I appreciate your patience, understanding and cooperation during this difficult period. Your department heads and the senior editing team, including John, Davan, Meredith and I, are available to hear your concerns and answer any questions.

Russ Stanton
Los Angeles Times

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