p’tard 1 and p’tard 2, Dr Seuss rhyme in the making?

The mischievous Cat in the Hat must have inspired tard 1 and tard 2 to misbehave at Kaiser Baldwin Park today. Just so you understand the situation where these tards parked the roadway makes a jog where two different parking structures were joined.  Both tards parked enough into the roadway to force peds to walk where the cars are driving.  Both cars obstructed regular travel as well.   Regardless, to get to there they had to drive past literally a couple of hundred empty spaces on the lots that wrap around the parking garages.

 I arrived at 10AM and spotted p’tard 1 decided to park his shiny new R/T on a cross walk, several feet down from the last legit parking space.  It was a nice day, not a bajillion degrees so who knows what lead to that asshat decision.  I did walk up close and checked, no handicap tags inside or outside, no sign of walkers, car seats or similar.


ptard 1 parked over the painted crosswalk
p'tard 1 parked over the painted crosswalk

About 10:30 I’m cruising outta Kaiser amazed how fast they got me through the flu shot clinic and I spot p’tard 2.  This p’tard did a follow the leader just like thing 2 woulda done.  He parked on the crosswalk further down from p’tard 1.  Ditto the peek in and saw no signs of kids or the aged and handicap stickers.  The rear was packed as if it were coming back from a weekend of pack ratting at garage sales, but nothing to indicate it deserved special parking privileges.  Clearly parked over the painted on sidewalk/crosswalk.


ptard 2 follows suit too and parks on the painted crosswalk
p'tard 2 follows suit too and parks on the painted crosswalk



To see the real kicker to this you have to make the jump.What made me laugh was the “thrive” signs all along the walkways at the Kaiser campus in Baldwin Park.  Do you think it would have really killed them to use a real parking space and not force the mom types with strollers onto the roadway?  Rhetorical question folks.


thrive brisk walking helps you live longer.
"thrive" brisk walking helps you live longer.

All photos done by me, poorly with the cell phone cam.

2 thoughts on “p’tard 1 and p’tard 2, Dr Seuss rhyme in the making?”

  1. you are really on this. i only notice people taking up two spaces and parking directly on the line. It doesn’t help that i do not drive and only notice it when i am with people in cars but still now i want to look out for instances of exemplary parking abilities.

  2. Leave a note on the car apologizing for scratching their car while trying to park in the small space next to them (or drive past in the case of these tards) and leave a bogus name and number.

    They freak out about their precious car, and maybe the next time they park, they think twice…

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