Four-Square Competition this weekend!

So the beautiful spazzes behind the LA Dodgeball Society are bringing back their annual 4-square championship, this time to the Ricardo Montalban Theatre in Hollywood–they’re definitely going big-time now! Good on you, guys, and keep keeping LA weird.

Wanna watch or compete? Channel your inner 8-year-old & go here for info and to sign up.

2 Replies to “Four-Square Competition this weekend!”

  1. well isnt this a blast from the past. This makeing me brimm with nostalgia i am so excited even though it is two days away. Thank you for this i am going to have some fun!

  2. Blast from the past indeed.

    You can’t let them know you’re too good because they can gang up on you.
    I remember that would happen if you remain in your square too long.

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