Help us kill a digital billboard!

flyer about tonight\'s meeting
flyer about tonight's meeting

Do you hate those obnoxious digital billboards as much as I do?

Seeing them on Sunset Boulevard is kind of Bladerunner and okay, but seeing them pop up in neighborhoods is really disgusting to me.

And after being hammered daily with all this Flex Your Power/Reduce Your Carbon Footprint bullshit, am I the only one who’s outraged by this vulgar and wasteful new trend? You tell me to leave the bathroom light off when I pee but you’re running a million candle-power billboard 24/7?

Residents of Silver Lake MAY have the chance to get rid of the eyesore on Silver Lake Blvd. by attending a City Council meeting TONIGHT at 7pm at the Michetorena School on Sunset. Sorry for the short notice but I only just now saw the flyer.

You can also call or email Eric Garcetti’s office (323-957-4500), not that I have any idea how much good that will do.

Please do what you can though – this digital billboard trend needs to be stopped.

9 thoughts on “Help us kill a digital billboard!”

  1. They have a place probably in three locations in the world, Picadilly, Times Square and the Las Vegas Strip.

    After that can them. Funnel the juice needed to run them into something more worthwhile.

  2. Yeah, keep those billboards in ghettos where they belong!

    I understand the intent of this sign, but the use of ghetto-ization is a little much.

  3. I totally agree. Not only are they visual pollution but pose a huge distraction to drivers. It’s unsafe.

  4. Garcetti’s office has actually been proactive in fighting back against these.

    I don’t think we need more billboards, but prefer these video ones over those that get tagged or end up ignored over time.

  5. You need not. I have one of these in my hood (3rd and King) and don’t like it. But then again I hate all billboards.

  6. Can’t they just tune the one on SL Blvd. to MSNBC? I could sit at LA Mill and watch me some Olbermann and Maddow.

  7. es the billboard sucks and needs to go. But why say they belong on Sunset and not in a “neighborhoods”? Well, bite me, Sunset has neighborhoods to (I live in a GREAT one).
    I went to the SLNC meeting last night for mater unrelated to the billboard and just like in your post, most of the complainers last night decided to throw the Sunset neighborhoods under the bus by suggesting the billboard should be placed down here!!

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