Campaign junk mail hits a new low


It gets bigger with a click
It gets bigger with a click but it still makes you sick

The mail last week has been sorted at and dumped directly into the blue recycle bin.  Little was worth saving.  This gem was so big it stood out, when i read it, it made me wanna vomit.  It is about as low as I have ever seen.  I’m not a big fan of Drier, but come on attack the issues. If he’s taking dates on our money and you can prove it say so.  Really that is the important issue here. 

My wife’s reaction when she saw it: “What the hell are they so afraid of that they have to stoop to this level”?  Beats the hell out of me.  It was put out by a group calling themselves “Blue America PAC” and align themselves with the democratic party.  It was published and printed by the Los Angeles Blue America PAC.  Frankly, that kind of hatefulness based on orientation is way out of line with the platform that party has stood for in recent years.  I wonder how the local democractic party dignataries feel being associated with this group?

Thanks Blue America for publishing a new low in election rhetoric.  Please refrain from sending the garbage in future, really it made me ill to see that sort of hate in print.  Intolerance, spreading hate and fear is counterproductive to what I am trying to teach my kids.

Sorry for the poor scan, at 8.5X14 inches it is bigger than can fit in my ancient scanner.

Brewery Artwalk This Saturday and Sunday

Perhaps lost amongst the Halloween hoopla (at least to me) was the news that this weekend brings us the second of the semi-annual Brewery Artwalks:

The Brewery Art Walk is a twice annual open studio weekend at the worlds largest art colony. Each artwalk, over 100 resident artists participate. During this event, you will have the opportunity to see new works, discover new favorites, speak with the artists and purchase artworks directly from the artists at studio prices.

Admission is free. Barbara’s at the Brewery, one of my favorite spots in LA, is always on hand grilling up food and slinging beer. It’s a guaranteed good bet for nursing your Halloween hangover.

2008 Brewery Artwalk & i-5 Gallery Show
November 1st and 2nd
11:00 am – 6:00 pm

Last-Minute Invite: art and enlightenment

National treasure and noted recluse Mister Jalopy is having an art show!

AND on Saturday he’s giving a lecture too! (I know – painfully short notice, but I only just found out about it)

Mr. Jalopy and the Maker Philosophy

College of the Canyons Art Gallery

The show runs November 1st – November 15, 2008

Artist’s Reception & Talk: Saturday, November 1st, 1:00 – 3:00pm

Check out all the details here.

Monday & Wednesday 11:00am – 6:00pm
Tuesday, Thursday & Friday 11:00am – 3:00pm
Saturday 10:00am – 2:00pm

The Legend of Creepy Collis

Happy Halloween El Sereno
Happy Halloween El Sereno

Happy Halloween from El Sereno.  Tonight, Councilman Jose Huizar, the LA-32 Neighborhood Council and Collis Ave. residents bring you The Legend of Creepy Collis.  From what I hear, this is the coolest thing around.  There’s haunted houses, trick-or-treating and a carnival experience.  No parking anywhere near there, so be ready to hoof it through El Sereno.  The free event, on Collis Ave. between Huntington Dr. and Kendall Ave., runs from 5pm – 8pm.

Prop 8 tied in new internal poll

A Prop 8 round-up


The Atlantic magazine reports today that a new internal poll by supporters of Proposition 8 reveals the ballot measure tied at 44% to 44% among those polled. Prop 8 would rewrite the California state constitution to eliminate the right to marry for same sex couples.

California Faultline‘s David Markland (former LA Metblogs captain) says a recent Public Policy Inst. of CA poll showed Prop 8 being defeated, with 44% of those polled supporting it while 52% opposed it.

LA Times ran an editorial saying the governor has reneged on his April promise to oppose Prop 8, siting a statement he made in April to gay political organization Log Cabin Republicans. “I will always be there to fight against that because it should never happen,” said Schwarzenegger.  He also called the proposition “a total waste of time.”

No on Prop 8 has a slew of ads on their site in English and Spanish by community leaders and show biz celebs, as well as a series of clever spots modeled on the “Mac vs. PC” ads from Apple. (The company recently announced a $100,000 donation to defeat Prop 8.)

Continue reading Prop 8 tied in new internal poll

Halloween Sky Show

Tomorrow night, just after sunset (6:00pm), look to the southwest sky and you will see a wisp of a crescent moon cozying up to that hottie, Venus. If you are out trick or treating, stop for a minute and gaze in wonder. If the kids won’t let you stop or there are clouds, step out again on November 1 at sunset to see a similar scene. (Though by then Venus will have stepped a little further away from the Moon’s advances. Don’t worry though, Jupiter is chaperoning the whole time.)

Check out the NASA Halloween Sky Show Page for a beautiful photo and more info.

Trick or Treat!

And don’t forget to set your clocks back this Saturday night.

Classic Eats Evening Gentle Reminder

Just a quick reminder that next Saturday, November 8, is our first LA Metblogs Classic Eats Evening. We are starting at 5:30pm at Clifton’s Cafeteria then heading over to the Bonaventure hotel around 7:30 to hang out in the BonaVista Lounge, watching LA revolve/devolve/evolve around us. All of you, dear readers, are invited to join us and help us explore this awesome city that we all call home.

This is the first evening in a series, so start thinking about other classic places that would make a good pairing for the next event. Canter’s and Formosa Cafe? Phillipe’s and Musso and Frank’s? You get the idea. Send suggestions for two classic pairings that are near each other to make travel easy. Hollywood, Downtown, The Valley, Long Beach, San Pedro, East LA, West LA, anywhere. There are no hard and fast rules to what constitutes “Classic” — I think it’s like porn: you know when you see it.

See you on the 8th!

Today I’m Gonna Gas Up Like it’s 2006

gas.jpgI am thrilled to see that gas has actually dropped below $3.00/gallon once again in Los Angeles. Then I remember that gas supposedly always drops before an election because Big Oil wants people to think things are great so they’ll re-elect the incumbents to whom they’ve been funneling donations. Then I Google it and discover that the pre-election drop is probably a myth and am happy again!

Defeat Prop 4!

A lot of money is being thrown around many of the propositions, but I’ve yet to see ONE commercial or flyer or even MENTION of Proposition 4, which would amend the constitution to prohibit abortion for unemancipated girls until 48 hours after minor’s parents or legal guardian has been notified.

THIS is the threat to abortion rights, not a bunch of people from both sides yelling about maybe revisiting Roe v. Wade.

THIS is where your freedom will be eroded.

THIS is the enemy.


Oh and if this crap seems familiar that’s because it is. Both Proposition 73 in November 2005 and Proposition 85 in November 2006 would have required doctors to notify a minor’s parent or legal guardian 48 hours before performing an abortion. BOTH WERE DEFEATED.

Let’s make this this clear yet again.

Halloween Maze and aMAZEment.

click for a larger view of the invitation

click for a larger view of the invitation

A favorite the last few years in my ‘hood has been the Halloween Maze put up by the folks on Foothill Blvd.  With the invitation being plastered all over town I guess the secret is out and will let all of LA in on the not so secret maze.  It is open for viewing most every night this week, but to actually see it in person you need to be there Halloween night from dark until it closes at 9:30PM.  Have fun and watch for my kidlets there-again!  (Google Map Link provided for your ease of locating)

Pic of the invite done by me with the trust phone cam.

Your 2009 Calendar is ready

So many choices out there for minding the date – but there’s only ONE Barracuda Girl 2009 Pin-Up Calendar!

These are printed in an extremely small run, so be sweet and click this link to order one.

Days and months are in English, Hawaiian, Japanese, French, German and Spanish with many international holidays, plus holidays invented solely for the benefit of Barracuda Readers!

$12.95 and free domestic shipping – wow!

You think it takes talent to play Frankenstein?

Bela Lugosi in <i>The Black Cat</i>. Image courtesy of the UCLA Film & Television Archive.
Who says nobody gives two f***s for Bela anymore?

As part of their series Tales from the Vault: Classic Horror from the ’30s and ’40s, the UCLA Film and Television Archive is screening not one, but TWO classic pre-code Bela Lugosi films at the Hammer’s Billy Wilder Theater.

Screening on October 31 (Halloween!), is the granddaddy of all zombie films White Zombie (1932), in which a wedding in Haiti goes terribly awry.

Then, screening on November 1 (Dia de los Angelitos!) is The Black Cat (1934), in which a honeymoon in Hungary goes terribly awry.

And no, it’s not the same couple.

Infamous for its scenes of gruesome torture and satanic rituals, The Black Cat is also notable for being the first on-screen pairing of Lugosi and his faux horror screen rival Boris Karloff.

Also screening as part of this three-day series: The Most Dangerous Game (1932), featuring Leslie Banks as a big-game hunter hunting house guests Fay Wray and Joel McRae; The Seventh Victim (1943), starring Jean Brooks as a woman whose search for her sister in New York leads to the discovery of a satanic cult; The Beast With Five Fingers (1946), a hallucinatory thriller starring perennial king-of-creep Peter Lorre whose trailer proclaimed it “the most terrifying adventure ever hurled from the screen;” and The Spiral Staircase (1946), in which Dorothy McGuire plays a mute servant girl who suspects a serial killer is stalking her. That film’s trailer describes McGuire’s role as “so unusual, so compelling, so fraught with emotional power, no other actress would dare play it.”

No pressure, Dorothy, m’kay?

Photo: Bela Lugosi in The Black Cat. Image courtesy of the UCLA Film & Television Archive.