Oasis goes onsale tomorrow–win your tix now!

Ayup, they just gave me a couple pairs of Oasis tickets for their show December 4 at the Staples Center. (Again, Goldenvoice, I owe you my first-born AND our first puppy.)

And need I mention that my future ex-husband Ryan Adams will open up for them? Squeeee!!!

To win a pair of tickets, tell me where you were when “Definitely Maybe” dropped (this should be interesting). I was in my junior year of high school, shaking off a grunge-rock hangover. You?

Wanna get in on the presale tomorrow, 10a-10p? Go here and enter the password, “WONDERWALL.”

Now, my fellow Angelenos, no assaulting Oasis when they get here. They’ve had quite enough.

14 thoughts on “Oasis goes onsale tomorrow–win your tix now!”

  1. Eeeeek! I was a junior in high school as well (class of 96), torn between Jesus and rock-n-roll. After I heard the first strains of “Columbia” I knew Oasis was both.

    And honestly, I don’t know why their latest albums haven’t been getting tons of buzz. I thought they’re really solid albums! Anyway, enough gushing. Whether I win the tickets or not, I’ll see you there!

  2. I had just graduated elementary school. I distinctly remember our class being forced into weeks of choir practice, just so we could belt out Whitney Houston’s “Greatest Love of All” in front of a couple hundred parents ….good times.

  3. I believe I was in 7th grade. I wish I could say I was into stuff like Oasis and Beck (Mellow Gold was out in 94) but I was deeply into my Billy Joel faze. He was a hero of mine and my first concert ever; I grew up in NJ and started playing piano when I was 8. I believe if good music is worth finding, you’ll eventually catch up to it and I did.

  4. I was a young’n, just starting 4th grade. Though I didn’t actually discover that album til a couple days later, when after “What’s the Story, Morning Glory?” I fell completely and totally in LOVE.

  5. I think it was 1994, but I could be wrong. I love myself some Oasis. Looking forward to the show!! :D

  6. I vividly remember hearing “Definitely Maybe” for the first time back in 1994. I was on a bus full of kids from my Jr. High School as we were touring Washington DC.

    An old friend named Acer had the entire album on CD and he let me borrow it. I listened to it while the boring tour was taking place. That was the moment I decided that I would listen to “Live Forever” for the rest of my life. The whole album is amazing, but I will listen to track 3 FOREVER…

  7. the memory that sticks out most to me is listening to it with my friend while getting high on the way to practice for the freshman math team. he loved it and played it every morning, but I didn’t like it–not because I really didn’t like it, but because too many other people did.

    I went on to get first in sectionals and 7th in state that year, ’cause nothing was better than getting really blazed and zoning out on algebra problems.

  8. I went through my Britpop phase a bit late (it hasn’t quite ended yet), and saw Oasis about 3 years ago with opening act Jet on a small “pier” (more like a parking lot) in Philadelphia. We sat on flattened boxes. It was a great show, and included the obligatory Oasis fan insult — Noel asking a girl in the front to please stop singing along because she sounded “like a sick cow.”

  9. I had just landed two weeks before in Seoul, Korea for a stint teaching English there after college. I spent a few years in random places around the world and didn’t hear about the band until I got back to the States in ’98. Another thing I noticed upon my return was that the cars were bigger. And flannel was out.

  10. I was nine years old. In 4th grade. Being the only cool kid in class who listened to Alternative rock. Back then all the others kids thought i was weird. Guess that will never change?

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