More damn Calexico

I’m super stoked about their show tonight at the Fonda but I only had one pair of tickets to give away in my last post. Because I really want more people to win, I begged Goldenvoice for more tickets and they kindly obliged! Thank you Goldenvoice, I owe you my first-born.

So, new Calexico contest! Ready?

If you could pick a Calexico song to pair with a movie (because so many of their songs are very cinematic and soundtrack-y), what song & movie would you pair? If you can’t think of a movie and aren’t a film buff, you can instead tell me a particular stretch of highway that would suit a particular song.

The LA Times wrote up the show tonight here.

One grand prize winner also gets their latest CD, Carried To Dust. woot!

One thought on “More damn Calexico”

  1. It’s too hard for me to envision an existing movie using different music…

    So, I’d say from personal experience driving from LA to Mexicali, that “G├╝ero Canelo” works great coming down through the desert to the end of Route 86 in, of course, CALEXICO, CA!

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