6 thoughts on “It Rained Today”

  1. There was a brief shower around 5 am in the Mt Washington area…since we still have clouds I’ve been hoping we’d get more rain.

  2. Just a note: there’s a great site from the camera posted on the solar telescope on top of Mt Wilson…they will vary the view, so sometimes it’s the mountains behind the place, sometimes looking out over LA…and they have a archive if you want to see other images. It automatically refreshes every couple minutes…so if you want to know if there are clouds over the mountains or stars over Mt.Sac…this is where to look…
    it also reminds me that the 2 Hiway is a great place to drive to get out of the city…the area is open on weekends (you can see the telescopes from outside, and there are displays of the astronomical history of the place.

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