Walking Western Ave in 3 Weeks — Are You Ready?

The Dual Airport 16 Miler
The Dual Airport 16 Mile Training Walk

Today I walked 16 miles in anticipation of the Big Day, October 18, when a rag tag bunch of bloggers (and friends of bloggers) will be cruising down Western Ave. using only our feet. I’m really looking forward to it.

Well, I’ll be completely honest and say that somewhere around miles 12-14 today I was actually thinking, “f*** this sh**!” and considered hailing a cab or catching a bus. But I persisted, my ipod full of great podcasts to keep me entertained and family on the phone to chat with while putting one foot in front of the other.

As always when walking, there is much to see that you probably would miss from your car. Photos of a few of those things after the jump as well as a mystery that I need help solving about one of the things I saw.



On top of a trash can near a WaMu JPMorgan Chase ATM I saw this.  (Click all for bigger)  I am just not really sure what to make of it, but feel for the person who needed to get the message out.  (This is not the msytery.)


Not long after, I arrived at one of my favorite spots in Los Angeles:

The In-N-Out at LAX.  Just before taking this picture, I was on the phone with my husband and he asked “Gonna stop in for a burger and a milkshake?”  Blurff! At any other time, I would have said “Yeah!” but not after nine miles with seven more to go. (That’s me on the yellow sign, by the way, walking.)

On the other side of LAX, heading north on Lincoln, are these banners.  WOOT!  Can’t wait to see that baby coming in on a regular basis.

This was nailed to a tree not far from the Santa Monica airport.  Not sure if those are 2 of the lost keys or merely an example of what keys on a ring look like.

This heavy plaque (which includes the address but I left it off) is on an apartment complex on National Blvd. Apparently in the late 50’s there was a large ad campaign to get people to live ON the grid.  Read a bit more about it here and hear the official jingle here.  It feels like something Don Draper would have worked on.  


And at last — the mystery item.  This is in someone’s front yard, also not far from the Santa Monica Airport. I took the photo from the sidewalk so it is out there, for all to see.

Is it a covered sandbox?  A really flat shed?  A bomb shelter entry?  Please tell me what you think it is because I’m really confused.


What Is It?
What Is It?


I was grateful for the marine layer that stayed with me most of my walk as well as my friend near LAX who let me stop in for some ice for my water bottle and to rearrange my blister avoidance technology.  (Combo of moleskin and bandaids.)  Ooooh!  Want to see the HUGE blister I got 2 weeks ago?  Click here. I did much better today, though there are a few hot spots.

More specific info to come on the Big Walk on 10-18…

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  1. Sekret hideouts of Killer Potatoes (attaaack of the Killer Tomatoes, only this time it’s a potato cellar… get it??…)

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