We’re f***ed.

A new report on carbon emissions shocks scientists.

Californians sometimes are perceived as being the most eco-conscious in the nation. In Los Angeles, no celebrity worth his or her Trader Joe’s Hawaiian Black Sea Salt doesn’t embrace environmental causes either sincerely or cynically for the publicity it guarantees.

There’s a history of Hollywood liberals’ favorite pet cause that stretches back to the 1960s when the earth movement was formed. Angelenos therefore are alternately held up before the country for praise and ridicule on the subject depending upon your political stripe.

Well guess what? You can drive your Prius, ride your bike, take the Metro or the bus, burn CFL bulbs, purchase Energy Star high efficiency appliances, carry your groceries in canvas totes, use “green” products, buy organic fiber clothes, recycle, march, demonstrate, petition and vote all you want to save the planet.

Then you can kiss the human race’s ass good-by, according to report released by the U.N.’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

Researchers found the rate at which humans are polluting is accelerating, not diminishing as was predicted based on the positive impact of a worldwide economic downturn, causing some leading scientists to use words like, “scary” and say things like, “We should be worried — really worried. This is happening in the context of trying to reduce emissions.”

The report also says the rate that forests and oceans naturally absorb carbon dioxide created by humans is falling. Temperature levels could increase by over 11 degrees by 2100 according to the new data on emissions.

With the election and the economic turmoil dominating the news lately, the LA Times article about the report ran on page 22 of today’s print edition. There’s no evidence of it at all on the LAT homepage, but if you click on the environment link it’s the top article on that page.

It belongs front and center.


5 thoughts on “We’re f***ed.”

  1. Even if us and the europeans were to cut our emissions in half it would make no difference. India and China’s economy is balls to the wall and environment be damned. Those two subsidizing oil and gas to fuel their economy to the point where their fuel costs half of what we pay.

  2. Thurman that is an amazing article, I don’t know quite to do with it. Getting laid, well am past that worry but I still do the little things that make sense not that I think it will bring about great change.

  3. Nuke certainly has its virtues. France gets nearly all its power from the Nuke and if they needed to switch to electric cars they’d have the infrastructure to support it along with increased electric rail. Ever been on the Eurostar? Fast and its all electric.

    Here Nukes haven’t ever really recovered from the whole 3 mile Island accident, and it wasn’t anywhere as deadly as Chernoble. Then there is the whole waste thing, what to do with it? The best place, safest place is in the dessert outside of LV but they are fighting it.

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