Thanks Senator Feinstein, Your Position is Now Crystal Clear

I recently sent my Senator, Dianne Feinstein, an email regarding oil drilling and energy in our local area.  Here is the full text of the email reply I received today from her office:

“Dear Mr. Mason:


Letter begins here.


Sincerely yours, 

Dianne Feinstein
United States Senator”

Thanks, Dianne.  You can expect the same effort from me at the voting booth during your next Senate election campaign.

3 thoughts on “Thanks Senator Feinstein, Your Position is Now Crystal Clear”

  1. Looks like a cut and paste failure.
    Then again, I hated the cut and paste answers they give when you do write so it is a no win situation.

  2. Oh, man. Looks like the kind of dumb mistakes I made as a college intern at a certain state assemblywoman’s office. Definitely a cut and paste failure – or maybe just a premature click-send mistake, depending on the issue. I remember quite a few times where we had a number of letters that addressed things for which we had no form letter; for those, we actually (gasp!) had to research it and determine our position. Oh, college days …

  3. I prefer that to the usual condescending obnoxious replies you get from her office. Gad. I’ve given up writing to her because the responses made me madder than the issues I wrote her about in the first place.

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