Fiddles While World Burns

Markets in continuing financial turmoil. Finnish school shooting kills nine. Socialized economics. Oil makes record one-day price increase. Afghanistan. Iraq. Obama. McCain. Palin. Biden.  Lipstick. Pigs. How crappy the Emmys were. $3-million LAPD settlement. Dodgers. Sparks. Ryder Cup. Prop 4. Prop 8.

Instead, what do I find the L.A Times website leading with on its homepage this morning? A “new” website featuring cute cats and user-generated captions:

14 thoughts on “ Fiddles While World Burns”

  1. And only a year late with the now so tiresome lolcat speak. I guess it’s appropriate that Harry Shearer calls the Times “the dog trainer.”

  2. One of my favorite pastimes is to open two tabs in Firefox: One with the Los Angeles Times, the other with the San Francisco Chronicle. I compare, contrast, and shake my head in amusement. Then, I go back to posting nonsense on Twitter.

  3. I started lowering my expectations with the Times years ago to keep my disappointment to a minimum. The are as low as they can get and yet they still disappoint.

    Isn’t it a sadder state of affairs when a member of the media, our supposed watch dog resource falls so miserably low we can’t rely on them any more?

  4. Well, they changed it pretty quickly. LAObserved mentioned it this morning. Instead of comparing it to the Chronicle, Roderick compared it to the NY Times. Yikes!

    In the meantime, L.A. Times writers are suing readers for “failing to appreciate our bodacious journalism.” Psych!

  5. discarted — I agree with David. L.A. Times is a newspaper. L.A. Metblogs is a blog, and not a news blog at that. Very different!

  6. ay, the times is getting as thin as the sf chronicle these days. i used to look forward to sitting down with the sunday paper, but it’s just an empty shell. bring back the herald examiner!

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