CFL’s Cheap at Smart and Final

CFLs on the cheap while supplies last at Smart and Final
CFL's on the cheap while supplies last at Smart and Final

If you are in need of more CFL’s and want them cheap head over to your nearest Smart & Final.  They are a whopping 49 cents, centavos, pennies or whatever name you have for those small shiny copper bits in your pocket.  The box says the price reflects an allowance courtesy of So Cal Ed.   They certainly are the best price I have seen on them yet.   Word of caution, if you suffer from migraines (like I do) keep some regular incadescents around as those CFL’s can be murder during an migraine, if not trigger one on a sensitive day. 

Pic by my at the Smart and Final on Huntington Drive here in Monrovia with the phone cam this evening.

2 thoughts on “CFL’s Cheap at Smart and Final”

  1. Great find. I’ll be picking up more later today. SoCalEd does this incentive twice a year (I think.) I picked up several CFLs last year at $.99/per. $.49 is the best deal I’ve seen, too, and it sure beats $7.00 for twin-packs.

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