The Culver City Hategate Saga Is Finally Over For Now

What was prompted by the nazi swastiki-augmented hate graffiti I found in Culver City along Ballona Creek bikeway that begat this post here and then continued with this post here after a city paint-out attempt a few days later left it still mind-blowingly legible, can finally and successfully be concluded here thanks to the nastinessĀ  being found entirely painted out on Friday’s ride in to work:

The interesting thing was that on Thursday’s ride I found one of the crew I’d seen at work on Wednesday morning and I stopped to ask him why it had been left visible. He told me that the taggers had apparently used some sort of paint — perhaps metallic or oil-based — that allowed it to creep back through anything put on top of it.

That didn’t jive in the slightest with the fact that the gate had only been touched up twice to cover the dark paint of smaller gang tags instead of completely recovered, but I didn’t want to argue the point since the worker said he’d planned on returning to the scene of the slime and priming the thing with black before rolling on a second layer of the gray in hopes that would take it out once and for all — which it did, at least until the aryans come back to redecorate.