A Los Angeles Micro-Moment

I stood at the cash register, waiting for my to-go order of 2 pieces of pie at the Apple Pan on Saturday night when a guy walked in alone wearing a Canter’s t-shirt.  I wondered if I was somehow a small part of his evening of “go to all the old classic places to eat in LA.”

Alas, I was so distracted by the thought of organizing an event like that, I forgot to order my pie a la mode.


(photo by moi as I departed.)

4 thoughts on “A Los Angeles Micro-Moment”

  1. I don’t know if we can do em ALL in one night, but I definitely vote for an endeavor to do them by region. What do you say? I think it’s a great idea.

  2. I’d love to do a classic eatery tour as well. What else would be on the list? Mel’s? Bob’s Big Boy? I also agree that, hopefully, this could be spaced out over a number of days or nights. Or perhaps the full tour can be combined with the next 26 mile walk, and thus would be nearly calorie-neutral!

  3. I like Lucinda’s idea and take it one step further. We all have cameras and document the neighborhoods as they stand right at that moment. A single post recapping and linking to the various other posts and flickr pages would be cool. Think about all those different point of views of the same subject distilling the essence of the community for the future.

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