The Fascist’s Tour of L.A.

My folks are coming this Monday for a visit. They live in an upscale gated golf course community in Florida that I call “The Compound.” Since The Compound is full of WOOPs (Well-Off Older Persons) and contains a country club, the political demographic there tends to skew Republican. This was evident in the Los Angeles area tour suggestions that my parents’ Compound neighbor gave them. He told my folks that we should first tour the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library at Simi Valley, followed by the Richard Nixon Presidential Library in Yorba Linda, and, to cap it off, the Rand Corporation headquarters. However, I have other ideas.

I’m thinking of giving my parents the L.A. Left Wing tour instead. First, I would take them to neighboring Venice and Santa Monica, to show them how the Lefties, both rich and poor, live. The sidewalk in front of Abbott’s Habit on Abbott Kinney Blvd. in Venice is a good place to start. On Sunday the 28th, we can return to Abbott Kinney for the 20008 Abbott Kinney Festival. My folks can pick up some nice hemp clothing there to bring back to The Compound. In between, I figure we’d stop by for some grocery shopping at the Santa Monica Co-Op, which makes Trader Joe’s seem like Bristol Farms.

Or perhaps I’ll be bipartisan and reach across the aisle for a moderate’s tour of L.A. We can go to the Hammer to check out Jackie Treehorn’s house at the John Lautner exhibit. When hunger strikes, we can head to Pizzeria Mozze for some of L.A.’s top-rated pizza. I would even offer to take them to that palace of petro-greed capitalism, the Getty Center.

Meanwhile, I’m still trying to picture what a tour of the Rand Corporation would be like.

(Photo of the capitalist Getty Center by Matt Mason)

4 thoughts on “The Fascist’s Tour of L.A.”

  1. I used to work for the RAND Corp, and although I know that many of the former Board Members (hello Condi and Rumsfeld!) were very right wing, most of the actual researchers are quite liberal. At least, the non-military ones, since I didn’t have security clearance to get into the military wing.

  2. It’s a shame you couldn’t have taken them to the Streisand fund raiser; now THAT would have been the highlight of their tour!

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