Win Tickets to Okkervil River at the Fonda with Sea Wolf & Zykos


So Okkervil River has to be one of my favorite bands EVAR and you can bet on seeing me wearing my platforms in the front row through Sea Wolf (who I also LOVE, especially mad props to Lisa) and staying firmly planted there, refusing to be supplanted by taller folks, until the headliner goes on. (Even with the platforms everyone is still taller than me. Why do all you tall boys insist on wedging in right in front of short girls? fuck you.) I’ve actually never seen these folks live–years ago they came to the Silverlake Lounge but couldn’t play at the last minute, so instead some band called The 88 played. They were pretty good.   ;)

Anyhoo, I’m fresh out of creative ways for you to win tickets to this awesome show so how about you just tell me what a big fan you are & how much you want tickets? I’ll pick the most lovelorn Okkervil-worshippers.

3 thoughts on “Win Tickets to Okkervil River at the Fonda with Sea Wolf & Zykos”

  1. I honestly have not heard of them until now and I feel bad if i win every one of your contests. :P

    But, i just looked them up online and they seem pretty good!

  2. I <3 the song Lost Coastlines I can listen to over and over.. But I already have tickets AND actually I’m mainly going for Sea Wolf.

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