Ditty Bops spotted in the wild… topless!

picture by the Ditty Bops, of the Ditty Bops
picture by the Ditty Bops, of the Ditty Bops

It isn’t uncommon to spot celebrities while hiking in Runyon Canyon. Selma Hayek, Ed Norton, and Hayden Panettiere are among my sightings. But last evening I was taken aback as I hiked by the sexy, bike – loving, performing duo of Abby DeWald and Amanda Barrett, better known as the Ditty Bops – with Abby walking topless!

This probably doesn’t come as much of a surprise to fans of the Ditty Bops who have heard the band ask why guys are allowed to walk around without shirts, but if women sport their boobs its a crime?

Admittedly, I was stunned – first, a little bit by being starstruck – then, the boobs. But if this sort of thing was more common, I could get used to it.

The Ditty Bops video for “Wishful Thinking.”


5 thoughts on “Ditty Bops spotted in the wild… topless!”

  1. Biking home one afternoon a couple months ago or so I saw the dynamic duo walking on 4th Street. I yelled out “Them’s the Ditty Bops!” as I passed and they looked at me like I was crazy, which I am. But how did they know!?

  2. dude…they would be so welcome to drop their shirts and wander around my neighborhood. A few of us would even set up watering stations as they walk around our street. Honest.

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