Joe’s Place – great little sandwich shop in Duarte

Joe’s Place was an accidental find yesterday.  I had taken a used car in to my mechanic for a pre-purchase inspection and had a few minutes to kill.  I wasn’t in the mood for Mexican nor BK which were both next door.  They suggested I try Joe’s Place which is tucked off to the side in a strip center on Huntington Drive.  Rosemary said it was like “Subway only gourmet”.  One of my rules of life is always take the advice of a local and I headed over there.

Gourmet is a bit of a stretch and certainly not something you associate with Duarte.  However, what you do get is a terrific custom sandwich built from scratch to your specs at a really reasonable price.  They also have a great selection of made from scratch daily desserts available just in case you have room after the sandwich is consumed. You are greeted when you walk in and their service matches the enthusiasm of theThe sandwich ordering is pretty easy.  There are a handful of daily specials or you can opt for the build your own checklist with multiple bread, meat/poultry, vegie and condiments.  Load your sandwich up how you want it and the price is the same (unless you order extra something or other) and then decide if you want it with potato salad or slaw.  If you have room they even have a nice selection of made from scratch desserts.


Lemon Ginger cake was my little sweet treat for the day.
Lemon Ginger cake was my little sweet treat for the day.

The ginger lemon cake was really nice.  It was a dense molasses style ginger cake topped with a cream cheese and real lemon frosting.


The dining area...that is former Monrovia mayor Bob Bartlett!
The dining area...that is former Monrovia mayor Bob Bartlett on the left.

The dining room is simple with some antique kitschy things when you walk in. The tables are wrapped in large sheets of brown paper and your lunch is served on paper plates (with a plastic holder to keep them from flexing under the load of a stuffed sandwich).

In the rear of Joe’s Place you will find some big comfy chairs and over-stuffed sofa where you can enjoy your lunch in a more relaxed setting.  Either back there or in front you have the use of their FREE wi-fi in case you want to work or surf during your lunch.

Lunch, including drink and dessert came to $9.52.  

Details: Joe’s Place, 1345 E Huntington Drive, Duarte 9010.  626-357-JOES (626-357-5637)

Pics by me with the trusty phone-cam.

5 thoughts on “Joe’s Place – great little sandwich shop in Duarte”

  1. A friend told me about Joe’s a couple of months ago & I finally checked it out recently when I was killing some time before an appointment in Azusa. I had tried to check it out before, but every time I drove by looking for it, I couldn’t find it. I never expected it to be tucked into a strip mall.

    Your right, this is a great little place. The sandwiches & desserts are so good. And it was a great environment to pull out my laptop & get some work done.

  2. Nice review, although the pics of the interior and dessert are much larger than the picture of the main course. That’s fine with me, because a bigger pic would probably make me hungry right now.

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