Consume LA: Art, living stones and preppies

Look: East of Eden – Silver Lake Gallery Alliance is holding what will be it’s first annual multi-gallery exhibit this weekend at Barnsdall Parks’ LA Municipal Art Gallery in Los Feliz.

Exhibition organizer Zara Zeitountsian, owner of Black Maria Gallery in Atwater Village, tipped me off to her plans last spring.

“I predict it’s going to be a major event that will have historical implications for the future of Los Angeles art and how the East Side is perceived. I think people will be surprised by the scope of the work.”

Participating galleries are La Luz de Jesus, Black Maria, LAMG, Farmlab, drkrm, Ghetto Gloss, Gallery Revisited, Thinkspace, Junc, Materials & Applications, Acuna Hansen, Bert Green Fine Art, De Soto, David Patton and Tropico De Nopal.

The three day exhibition will be free to the public and include an opening night reception on Friday evening and a Saturday night gala with a portion of the art sales being donated to The MOCA Contemporaries, a volunteer fundraising support council of MOCA.

Guest project spaces will also be on display, including Guey Smart: Emerging Latino Artists Exhibition and the interactive Fresh Pressed T-shirt printing workshop.

Sept. 19-21, free; Barnsdall Park, 4800 Hollywood Blvd. LA 90027

Wear: LA belt buckle, from popKiller. $14; 7503 Sunset at Gardiner LA 90046 and 343 E. 2nd St. Downtown LA 90012

Grow: Lithops from Trader Joe’s. Maybe you’ve seen these little buggers labeled as “Living Stones” at TJ’s. Some may find them a bit creepy, especially the ones that look like brains. A type of succulent, lithops need minimal water, a lot of sun and they bloom during late summer and early autumn. $5.

Avoid: The revived “preppy look” for men. Worse than the frat boy look, it was suitably horrifying the first time around in the ’80s, making those sporting it look like young Republicans. One can hope that LA men are impervious to actually buying it, even though it’s inescapable in stores now. Jeans, T-shirts and flip-flops never looked so good.

5 thoughts on “Consume LA: Art, living stones and preppies”

  1. “historical implications for the future of Los Angeles art and how the East Side is perceived”, that sounds interesting. Oh wait, nevermind. Boo, hiss!

  2. Why aren’t they having the show on the East Side?

    I could see maybe hosting the show at a location that had international status like some of the Culver City galleries–in a conscious attempt to draw the eyes of the global art community to art from the east side of Los Angeles. But I see the Barnsdall location as kinda a tree falling in the forest that no one hears: the location is invisible from the street, even. It’s sort of like ghetto-izing this art (all over again?). I guess we’ll see what happens…I like the work they show at Black Maria.

    Re. the preppy look: I knew yacht rock was making a comeback, but I was hoping it didn’t extend into fashion as well. There goes the neighborhood.

  3. Good catch on the 80’s revival. I’ve been watching it for a couple of years now. I shudder at times. The worst: guys in pink polo shirts with the collars turned up. It looked stooooooopid then and worse now.

  4. There is no clear consensus within the group of exhibiting galleries on a definition of the “East Side.” The organizers do use the phrase to describe the Silver lake/Echo Park axis, but not all of us agree with that cliche. This show will demonstrate the diversity of what is happening on the other side of town from the established art world, which is entrenched in the west side and culver city.

    The choice of venue is a good one, as the LA Municipal Gallery is one of the best exhibition spaces in LA. Look closely at the mix of work and the galleries in this show, you might be surprised. It’s pretty great, and represents a wide swath of up and coming LA.

  5. So is lucindamichele saying, “If you can’t see the gallery from your car, then it doesn’t exist?” Should I assume that even if you can see it from your car, if parking is a bitch, then why bother?

    I love having my suspicions of the cultural timidity of Angelenos confirmed. How perfect an explanation of how things work here.

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