Anti Market’s new digs

Anti market

I finally had a chance to swing by the new Anti Market location at 3300 Sunset (down the street a bit from their old location closer to Echo Park) and wow, not only do they have about 10x the space they used to but they are putting it to full use. It’s packed with lust inducing bikes and they are now doing tons of custom work right on the spot. If you ride already, or are thinking of starting this is a great place for browsing. I rode over on my bicycle and the guys were all super friendly and helpful without being pushy at all. My only regret was they didn’t have one of their swanky “Anti Market – Silver Lake” shirts available in my size. Next time!

2 thoughts on “Anti Market’s new digs”

  1. FINALLY someone on this site blogs about motorcycles + SoCal. I wish Anti Market would start back up with their Sunday morning ride to Newcombs ranch.

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