Update: Save a Silver Lake Landmark

Just got another email, which I’m copy-and-pasting here. This is a follow-up to my previous update to my original post about the last art deco gas station in Silver Lake about to meet the wrecking ball.

We managed to get Tom LaBonge to throw this issue back to the Cultural Heritage Commission, which is good. But it also means there’s more to do. If we fail they will build a four-story office building on this tiny corner!

Can you show up at a meeting at City Hall on Thursday? THEY NEED TO SEE BODIES or they will rule against us!

For parking please e-mail [email protected] . Give her the make, plate # of the car the name of the driver and the time you will arrive. So far only one person has called. Please do this!

Here’s the email I got:

The City Council voted today to give us a second chance – THAT’S ALL – ONLY!

They are going to place the application on this coming Thursday, September 18 Cultural Heritage Commission’s (CHC) agenda, and it will be all we get so far. Otherwise the demolition can take place any moment…

I was told this morning that “if we do not bring at least 20 neighbors and business owners to the hearing to speak (they even said – 30 is better) than we don’t have a chance to get this designation”!!

I don’t exaggerate it – it is that serious -YES!! The property owners were there and spoke. Tom LaBonge was committed no more than to place us on the CHC again. Period!

The CHC members will be sort of “told what to do” besides their decision not to consider the application. Only big number of people attending to speak in support will change their minds. I am talking out of years of experience with the City.

This morning Charlie Fisher spoke and I spoke on behalf of the Neighborhood Council and the SL Chamber and promised to the CD 4 staff that on Thursday you ALL will be there. We need everyone who lives in the vicinity and all business owners too at the meeting on Thursday! I left all my business today to go to the Council meeting and I hope you understand that it is absolutely crucial for you to be present at the meeting on Thursday. Fill out a speaker card and tell them that you are committed to preserve the Richfield Station as a part of our California culture, keep that piece of heritage in the neighborhood and give it a new life.

I spoke with the owners after the meeting. They are open to hear from your with offers!! (the way we discussed it before). So any of you who are interested in leasing or purchasing the property – please contact them immediately (contact info may be obtained by CD 4, Renee Weitzer/ CD 4 Chief of Staff and Chief Planning Deputy, 213-485-3337). Nothing can definitely happened before Thursday, but you may get the ball rolling and this may affect the hearing.

Also – about your attendance on Thursday – Please, call CD 4 and give them your name, car registration plate #, etc. (they will tell you what they need) to put your name at the City Hall parking garage stop point. The entrance is from Los Angeles Street. Ask CD 4 for directions if you are not familiar with the entrance and the garage.

The meeting will be held at 10:00 AM, Room 350 (third floor) of City Hall. Please make sure you have your ID – otherwise you are not going to be able to enter the building.


See you all on Thursday! Rm. 350 – City Hall