So Now I Just Gotta Wonder What The Fuck Is Up With Culver City!?11!

Strange shit, man. Steeeeeee-range.

In last week’s post I pointed out the hate graffiti I found along the Ballona Creek Bikeway around the bend from Overland Avenue that read WHITE RACE SUPREME and included a nazi swastika. That bullshit had been over-tagged by a local gang, and shortly thereafter, the gang tag had been specifically covered up, curiously leaving the original white power garbage and symbol pretty much infuckingtact. I wondered if the skinheads themselves had a paint-out crew of their own that went around cleaning up damage to their tags, or if it may have been whoever owned the property behind the gate, and between those two options, I did my best to understand this probably wasn’t a city-authorized clean-up.

I concluded that post with a note that I’d submitted a graffiti removal request through Culver City’s website since apparently no residents of that fine municipality who have to live with it give a shit (or worse, perhaps support it).

Fast forward to yesterday morning and as I’m biking in to work I’m pleasantly suprised to pass a crew of two of a Culver City contractor’s finest paint-outers working their way down creek  dabbing a little here, rolling a little there and making their way closer to the source of my request.

FTW! I thought as I rolled past them, arriving at the wall of shame moments later only to find another tag had been sprayed over the hate that I snapped quickly and moved on (pic after the jump).

Biking home last night I didn’t take the creek and so I had to wait until this morning to be shocked to find the following scene:

I’ll be doubledawg damned that the dynamic duo, instead of just blanketing the whole gate with a couple/three coats of that industrial gray, just buffed out the black tag. Sure some of the hateness went with it, but don’t worry about that fucking swastika still being all visible and shit.

UPDATE (10:32 a.m.): I’ll be damned if the phone didn’t just ring and it was someone from Culver City asking me for more specific instructions as to the location of the tag because they “couldn’t find it yesterday.” Interesting.

4 thoughts on “So Now I Just Gotta Wonder What The Fuck Is Up With Culver City!?11!”

  1. Culver City used to have some slight problems in regards to acceptance of nonwhite people to put it lightly. As a teen I had several incidents out there (until I realized I should stop going there, because I am not a trailblazer) that was the only section of the city where I was actually told to my face to take my black behind back to South Central (or Inglewood or Compton, the neighborhood I was alledgedly from would change depending on the season) by various older residents. I would always say that I lived in Hollywood and that I was from Canada, but they didn’t seem to care…lol.. As a young person I thought talking to people who were completely crazy would be an effective way to get them to be less prejudice, at least against me.

    I was misguided, but I have some funny stories. Though that would depend on how broad your sense of humor is.

    I thought with all of the art galleries they might have changed, but maybe not. You can’t be the only one seeing this, but maybe we’ll give the Culver City the benefit of a doubt. It is 2008.

  2. Possibly crappiest swastika ever? Don’t you get your Nazi creds revoked if you can’t reliably paint a decent swastika?

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