Pepperdine Memorializes 9/11 a Bit Differently Than I Do

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This installation of American flags in Pepperdine University’s Alumni Park is a memorial for the people killed in the U.S. by terrorists on September 11, 2001. The memorial, put up by students and organized by the school’s College Republicans, is comprised of a flag for each of the 2,977 victims.

However, the 9/11 memorial that I would have installed would look a bit different. In addition to remembering who we lost on 9/11 (including a former girlfriend of mine), I would remember what we have all lost since 9/11. I started to make a list, but the list is too long.

3 thoughts on “Pepperdine Memorializes 9/11 a Bit Differently Than I Do”

  1. “The man who trades freedom for security does not deserve nor will he ever receive either.”

    –Benjamin Franklin

    History repeats itself yet we never learn.

  2. I do feel for all those that lost someone that day. Funny how history tends to repeat itself in tighter and faster circles. The hardest thing to remember is that there is no benevolent govt and they all need to be watched like hawks. From The Great Shark Hunt by HST:

    “In a nation ruled by swine, all pigs are upwardly mobile—and the rest of us are fucked until we can put our acts together: not necessarily to win, but mainly to keep from losing completely. We owe that to ourselves and our crippled self-image as something better than a nation of panicked sheep.”

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