Let’s Walk Western Avenue October 18


Western Avenue
Western Avenue

Fellow Metblogger WILL•I•AM and I are going for a walk, a very long walk, and we’d love it you joined us. Inspired by previous long walks he and others have taken across our fair city (I missed the one along Sunset Blvd a few years back) we have decided to walk Western Avenue from beginning to end, from stem to stern, from A to Z, from top to bot–okay you get the picture. 

When are we doing this?  Saturday October 18, 2008. 

Why are we doing this?  Because it is there and what better way to see your city than on foot.

Why Western?  Will picked it because it is the longest and straightest street that runs north/south in LA.  (Second only to Sepulveda in length, but Sepulveda isn’t nearly so arrow-like.) 

How long will it take?  Average speed is about 3 mph and with rest stops and refueling breaks, we estimate between 9 and 10 hours. The actual number of miles is approximately 28 if you go all they way to the ocean. We will probably end around mile 26 in either Friendship Park or Bogdanovich Park.  

We will post more info as we get nearer to the date, but if you want to join us, please comment and let us know. Even if you wanted to join us for just part of the walk, that would be great too.  

Get your shoes broken in, buy some serious sport socks and start training!

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  1. Annika, I can’t recall specifically what time Julia and I figured on embarking that morning, but with the prospect of being out and on our feetsesses for 10 hours or more I’m pretty sure it’s gonna be an eeeeeeaaaaarly start. I’m thinking like 7 a.m. at the latest.

  2. What amazing timing. My boyfriend has been jonesing for the Great LA Walk and I suggested we just pick a street and go if he could not wait until December. He didn’t seem too enthusiastic, as he wanted some people to do it with and neither his friends nor mine are up for this sort of thing. We’re in! Please keep me up to date on this. [email protected]

  3. Happy to have you along, Amanda and Amanda’s BF. We’ll definitely keep you in the loop. And FYI: More great timing as Mike Schneider at Franklin Avenue just released the date for his third Great L.A. Walk. It’s November 22, but he’s still deciding where it’ll be.

    More info here.

  4. This is a great idea for a bunch of reasons (seeing our city, having Metblogs authors and readers/commenters meet each other, etc.) I’d love to get together with you for part of the walk (some part that takes places waaay past 7 a.m.). I just have to figure out where I’d meet you, how I’d get there and back, etc.

  5. Excellent Waltarrrr and Don! Look forward to having you pedestri-veterans along.

    And Matt, I expect there’ll be plenty of twittering and perhaps even some mobile blogging along the route so there should be no problem triangulating a meet-up with us at a far more sociable hour.

  6. You people are insane.

    Someone ping me from mile 10 and wake me up; I’m nonoperative before noon on Saturdays.

  7. Of course, if you were really hard-core, you’d include the northern portion of Western Avenue, as well. :-)

    It runs from Mountain Ave., right by Brand Park at the base of the Verdugos, down through Burbank to the LA Equestrian Center, just below Riverside, next to the LA River.

    It’s only about two miles, but getting from the southern terminus of that segment to where it picks up again in Los Feliz – on foot – might be a more strenuous hike than most folks are up for. :-)

  8. count me in! i’ll need to do one more long training run before my marathon on nov 1st, so a 26-mile walk down western with you guys will not only be easier on my joints but should be a whole lot more fun :)

  9. argh! i just realized that i’ll be out of town that weekend :( keep me posted, though, if you decide to move it a week earlier or later…

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