Claremont Downhill

In our ongoing, occasional series of people doing things on wheels that were most likely not intended to be used on certain roadways, I present this clip of two sharp dressed fellows taking to the hills in Claremont on skateboards. Seriously, this is sick!


And if you think that’s exciting, check out the comment thread on the initial post. People are crazy.

14 thoughts on “Claremont Downhill”

  1. ok, i’ll be the jerk who points out that this was filmed about 400 miles away from LA. still, pretty slick.

  2. Interesting! It was sent to me by a few folks, several of which said it might be good for the LA site so I assumed they meant Claremont in SoCal.

    Whose bright idea was it to name two cities IN THE SAME STATE the same thing??

  3. i’ll be the super-jerk and link you to the actual street this was filmed on. (sorry, my html is for poo poo if the link doesn’t work.)

  4. There aren’t two cities with the same name in the state…

    Claremont in the Bay Area isn’t an incorporated area, it’s a neighborhood partially within the Berkeley city limits, and partially within the Oakland city limits.

    Likewise, Brentwood in SoCal is a neighborhood within the Los Angeles city limits. The Brentwood in the Bay Area is an incorporated city.

  5. Who cares if it’s in NoCal, SoCal, or goddam Luxembourg, that’s the sickest skateboard video I’ve ever seen!!! I thought I did krazy krap on 4 wheels when I was a teenager, but it couldn’t have been at more than 2/3 of that speed and 1/3 of the length. Oh to be young, dumb, and full of ____.

    And for you sticklers, skateboarding was born, developed, and became a full-grown sport in the Los Angeles (Venice) area, right? So therefore, any skateboarding video has a connection to L.A. Metblogs.

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