9 thoughts on “Best DMV near Silver Lake?”

  1. If you’ve got a AAA membership, you can do it all at your local AAA office. It’s way better and more pleasant than going to an actual DMV office.

  2. Not sure if you can do that at the AAA office – I tend to think not. A DMV appointment will make the whole process less painful. Even though it’s not close to SL, I’ve always had better luck at the Santa Monica DMV office than any of the others.

  3. The Culver City DMV was great. Definitely make an appt though as those who didn’t have an appt watched me waltz right past them. I changed my name, had my picture taken for my new license, and renewed my registration in under 20 minutes on a Monday morning.

  4. I second the Culver City location. I’ve been there twice in the last two years and both times were pretty smooth. The first occasion was to get a CA license, so it involved both the written test and all the normal eye test, photograph, fee payment that always accompanies a new DL. It took very little time, including the test. The second occasion was just this July when I registered a used car from out of state, which means a paperwork shuffle, physical verification of the car by a DMV employee, and fee payment. I was in and out in about 40 minutes, including the time waiting in the verification line. I would think any kind of renewal process would take even less time. Both were with an appointment, btw.

  5. Hi,
    Don’t know if this is any closer than the Glendale office, but I’ve had good service (with an appointment):
    Lincoln Park; 3529 North Mission Road, Los Angeles
    According to the DMV website, there is currently a 6 minute wait to be served (with appointment), and Glendale has a 25 minute wait…

    It’s right across from a large park (Lincoln Park) and it’s usually cooler there due to the large number of trees and open space. There’s a small lake and there’s a carousel there that is going to be closed down, so if you like history, this is something to see (ride?) before it’s gone:

    Also, the Lincoln Heights Carousel will be closing due to low
    ridership. Unfortunately, they are not making enough money to keep the
    carousel open. The owner is looking for someone to buy or take over
    the carousel at its current location in Lincoln Park. It’s been less
    than a year since it’s opened and I don’t think too many folks know
    it’s even there. It’s beautifully painted and the horses are hand
    carved by a famous tradesman. I also heard from some Lincoln Heights
    locals that the carousel and/or one of the horses is haunted or cursed
    or something. I couldn’t get the details but I’m sure there are others
    out there hearing the same (I myself don’t believe in that kinda
    thing). I recommend folks check it out soon, it will only be open for
    two more weekends and is $1 a ride. (this was posted Sept 8th, so there’s still time to visit)…


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