Arclight’s AFI Night at the Movies selling out day before tickets go on sale

The impressive lineup at AFI's Night at the Movies
The impressive lineup at AFI's Night at the Movies

If you were waiting til midnight tonight to try and get tickets to AFI’s Night at the Movies, you may be too late. While the official on sale date, promoted by both AFI and the Arclight, is September 17th, a special AFI member only link has been making the rounds, and is now on the Arclight’s homepage, allowing tickets to be purchased by anyone.

Alas, the screening of “The Jerk” introduced live by Steve Martin has already sold out. The rest of the evenings shows are likely to soon follow, including appearance by Sean Connery before “The Man Who Would Be King,” Jodie Foster ahead of “The Silence of the Lambs,” and Keanu Reeves giving a “whoa” in person before “The Matrix.”

After discovering that tickets were already on sale, and even already being scalped on CraigsList for $100 each, I contacted the Arclight, where a manager told me that AFI Members were able to buy tickets a day early, but insisted tickets wouldn’t be available to the general public until tomorrow. After I pointed him to the link on their site (under “AFI members”) where anyone, including the general public could purchase tickets, and that the “AFI members only link”  was being sent around the internet, he pointed out this was entirely an AFI event, and Arclight was merely the venue.

All of these shows will sell out quickly regardless of its before the promoted on sale date or after – but it is certainly disappointing that the Arclight took full advantage of hyping this event without any way to ensure that at least some Arclight members would be able to attend.

That said, currently some good seats are still available for some shows, especially “Tootsie,” intrduced by Dustin Hoffman, or Shirley Maclaine before “The Apartment.” Click here to check, and let me know how it goes.

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  1. I attended this event last year. Pretty much the same deal with ticketing then, too. At the time I wasn’t an AFI member, so I waited for the public on-sale. No luck with the Arclight website (surprise!), so I went down to the box office. Arriving at the box office nearly an hour before it was supposed to open, I found six lines of people already buying tickets. I got tickets, but by the time I did eight of ten screenings had already sold out. I bought the last four tickets for show #9. Lots of disappointed Arclight members.

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