RIP: Elmer Dills (1926-2008)

From ABC7:

On Monday, Sept. 15, we are sad to report the death of our good friend.

For nearly 30 years, Elmer Dills showed us the best restaurants California had to offer. He developed his vast knowledge of food and wine during his first career as an officer with the Central Intelligence Agency traveling to Europe and the Middle East for more than 20 years, assigned to entertain heads of state and other VIPs.

Leaving the diplomatic service after more than 20 years, Elmer Dills joined KABC Talk Radio where he has hosted a talk show dealing with wining, dining and travel. Then as a regular on KABC-TV’s “Eyewitness News,” Elmer reported on restaurants with particular emphasis on small, inexpensive, unusual restaurants where “value” is the key word. Many restaurants built their reputations on Elmer’s reviews and Elmer put his own special touch on each report. [full story]

2 thoughts on “RIP: Elmer Dills (1926-2008)”

  1. Sad news, indeed.

    Elmer Dills was the very picture of a “class act.” Although I didn’t know him well, I became acquainted with Elmer over many years of being a waiter in a few of the nicer restaurants around Pasadena/Los Angeles. I always enjoyed serving him, and not many waiters can say that about a restaurant critic. Elmer was always so pleasant and friendly; always had great (usually funny) stories about other restaurants he’d been to recently. Regardless of what else was happening with my night, I always knew that if Elmer Dills sat down at one of my tables I would enjoy talking with at least one of my guests (and usually whoever he was with, too.)

    Rest in peace, Elmer. You will be missed.

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