Author, MacArthur Genius David Foster Wallace Commits Suicide

I’ve been battling a cold all weekend, so I’m just now finding out that one of my favorite authors, David Foster Wallace, was found dead in his Claremont home on Friday night, apparently a victim of suicide. Wallace was a nimble writer that bounced easily between essay, novel and short fiction, and is likely most well known for his epic tome of a novel, Infinite Jest, a serious contender for the top of my Best Book Ever Written list. To my shame, I never knew he lived so close, but he’d been teaching creative writing at Pomona College since ’02.

Photo by Flickr user Steve Rhodes, used under CC license.

One thought on “Author, MacArthur Genius David Foster Wallace Commits Suicide”

  1. I was so sad to hear about this. He was one of my favorite writers, too. His death is a huge loss, and to hear it was probably suicide is heartbreaking.

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