Hey we did it!

Here’s the email I just got from LaBonge’s Deputy:

This morning Councilmember LaBonge introduced a motion (see attached) requesting that the Historic Cultural Monument application for the former Richfield Service Station at 2800 Glendale be sent back to the Cultural Heritage Commission. He has exercised this right under section 245 of the City Charter. This coming Tuesday morning, at its next meeting, the Council will vote on whether to assert jurisdiction on this matter and have it sent back to Cultural Heritage for reconsideration.

Under the charter, since the Commission failed to take an action in the time frame allotted, the application is deemed to be denied. Councilmember LaBonge feels there needs to be a deliberative decision by the Cultural Heritage Commission on this item. The lack of a motion isn’t satisfactory.

Due to the above, an outpouring of correspondence that our office received and some concerns that the applicant’s representative was not present at the hearing to present the case , the councilmember feels this is the only fair thing to do.

3 thoughts on “Hey we did it!”

  1. Congrats to all. It must be nice to have a city council member who actually represents you and responds to community imput. Glad to see your efforts work. Too many tresures are being lost to this redevelopment frenzy.

  2. I’m impressed by both LaBonge’s action, and by his planning deputy’s communication and thoroughness in sending that email to Ruth, me, and others who had emailed the Councilman.

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